Public Mutual declares income distributions for five of its funds

Public Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Public Mutual has announced distributions for five of its funds. The total gross distributions declared are for the financial year ended 31 May 2009:

Fund Gross Distribution / Unit

Public Ittikal Fund 6.00 sen per unit
Public Islamic Equity Fund 1.75 sen per unit
Public Dividend Select Fund 2.00 sen per unit
Public Balanced Fund 5.00 sen per unit
Public Select Bond Fund 2.50 sen per unit

Public Mutual’s Chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow is pleased that the company was able to declare distributions on these five funds despite these trying times. “Although market conditions were challenging, our funds still managed to outperform their respective benchmarks and achieved respectable double-digit three-year returns to our investors,” he said.

Based on The Edge-Lipper Fund Table dated 18 May 2009, Public Ittikal Fund and Public Islamic Equity Fund have generated a three-year return of 16.87% and 19.26% respectively for the period ended 8 May 2009. Both funds have outperformed the benchmark, which registered a return of 7.92% for the same period.

Meanwhile, Public Dividend Select Fund has generated a three-year return of 23.33% for the period ended 8 May 2009, outperforming the benchmark, which registered a return of 6.30% for the same period. Public Balanced Fund and Public Select Bond Fund also surpassed their respective benchmarks by registering three-year returns of 26.33% and 13.85% respectively.

Public Mutual is Malaysia’s largest private unit trust company with 69 funds under management. It has over 2,000,000 accountholders serviced by over 43,000 unit trust consultants. As at 8 May 2009, the total net asset value of the funds managed by the company was RM27.4 billion. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


  1. kwn baru subscribe 2 dana under Public Mutual minggu nie sbyk rm11K. rasanya mcm dah terlepas duit dividen tu...isk3x...

  2. xpe untung dari kenaikan harga dia tetap dapat juga...


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