The secret of investing in Unit Trust

There are 3 common strategies used in unit trust investment.

1. Ringgit Cost Averaging

Regularly invest a fix amount in a unit trust fund regardless of market trend is called the Ringgit Cost Averaging strategy. The actual market performance is fluctuating. When the equity market is high, you buy less unit with the same amount. When the market is low, you buy more unit. For long term, you will get much more unit in the lower price range.

2. Portfolio Re-balancing

Portfolio re-balancing is the process of bringing the different asset classes back into proper relationship following a significant change in one or more. More simply stated, it is returning your portfolio to the proper mix of stocks, bonds and cash when they no longer conform to your plan.
You start investing 50% in equity and 50% in fixed income fund.
1 year later, the equity rises and now your portfolio consist of 80% equity and 20% fixed income fund.
To re-balance your portfolio, you should sell 30% of your total fund in equity and invest it in fixed income fund so that the portfolio is maintained.
This is the simple principle of buying low, and selling high.
If you are investing with Fundsupermart, you can easily do fund switching of your unit trust portfolio by logging into your account online. There are no switching fees involved and you can switch between different unit trust companies.

3. Switching

Switching will lock in the gain you made in your unit trust investment. Switching fees are low and definitely lower than the upfront service charge. When you are making profit from an equity fund, you can switch it to some lower risk fund to lock the gain instead of selling it for cash. When the market turn low, you can switch it back to equity fund.

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